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Having a successful chiropractic medical billing practice requires a complete understanding of the billing part. This is important when billing for Medicare or other insurances.

Improper billing can result in unnecessary claim denials. In order to receive complete payment for chiropractic services, it is required that billing must be done with correct insurance payers.

There are cases when some amount of balance is due and needs to be adjusted. Therefore, the knowledge of how to bill patients for due balance becomes important. But that is the latter part. Primarily, one needs to have the knowledge of proper billing and diagnosis codes so that the payment is obtained in the first place.

Starting with the journey!

One can start receiving payments by learning various diagnosis codes related to chiropractic services. Successful chiropractic medical billing services require that you present accurate diagnosis codes and charges before the insurance payers for them to start claims processing.

Diagnosis codes related to chiropractic medical billing services can be found with chiropractic resource organization. Or the other method can be purchasing medical billing software with embedded updated codes in its database. This would further help simplify the entire chiropractic medical billing process. Moreover, when you choose such a system, expenses related to paper claim forms, cover letters, envelopes, and stamps are automatically eliminated.

Some Tips for Successful Chiropractic Medical Billing Services

Selecting the medically necessary diagnosis codes is also important. Or if in case, when a service is required to be provided in an emergency, a pre-authorization can be obtained, telling the insurance that the service was not covered but still it has been offered due to medical necessity and emergency condition.

However, the important thing is to the only bill for the services that associate with chiropractic services. There is no point billing such a service that does not at all correspond with the core domain. One might find a hot/cold pack to be medically necessary where the insurance may not. However, a majority of payers covering chiropractic medical billing services will release payments for manual manipulation therapy, as it is medically necessary.

Get Recognized!

Most chiropractic providers miss out on this part of the chiropractic medical billing services business. Working with insurance payers as an in-network provider is important. This gives you a recognition plus first preference while your claims are being processed.

Patients also prefer the chiropractic practices that have a valid license and are enrolled with some major insurance payers. This is also about trust and reliability.

Keeping track of the cash flow!

As important it is to work on ways to collect payments, is to keep a track of them. It is important to keep a track of the Accounts Receivables and Payables part of a chiropractic medical billing business.

Being well informed about this finance part helps in forming sound business decisions and work on new methods and opportunities to grow your bottom line.


Some chiropractic practices may find it difficult to handle the billing part along with other responsibilities. Of course, the ever-changing medical billing guidelines, declining Medicare fee for service and payer standards are there to increase the headache.

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