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Workers Compensation Healthcare Delivery is a special type of insurance that covers the treatment of injuries occurring on the job. It provides the workers who are injured at work, coverage of wage replacement benefits for medical treatment, vocational rehabilitation and few other benefits as well. Workers Compensation Healthcare Delivery billing may be puzzling sometimes because of the frequent change in the federal and state rules. So, WC claim can be tricky and requires good medical billing strategy.

At Bikham medical billing & coding services, we have acquired years of experience and knowledge that prepared us to tackle the complexities of Workers Compensation Healthcare Delivery billing. We aim for eliminating the stress of medical billing from your team members thereby enhances the profitability of your medical practice, clinic, or hospital. We never allow the red tape stop us from collecting the due payment for your services.

Workers Compensation Healthcare Delivery Billing Process

  • Our billing services begin by calling the insurance carrier to confirm a worker/patient’s benefits. With our first call, we also know about the claims adjuster and then proceed further to verify the billing address and Claim/ Carrier Case numbers. Next, we observe if the case is still open or closed.
  • Finally and importantly, we look out the reason what the case is constituted for. It is important because most often patients visit the doctor’s office to complain about various things that are not recorded on file with the insurance carrier, even though some other complications are also raised at a later date due to the accident.
  • This important information provides practitioners a heads-up on various treatments covered under Claim of Workers Compensation Healthcare Delivery. Moreover, it removes the chances of claim denial for those treatments that are not related to the accident.
  • If a worker wants to avail a specific treatment or test that needs an authorization, Bikham will get that authorization.
  • A number of our fellow claims adjusters allow us to fax them the original bills to speed up the processing for faster payment. Also, it allows us to go for a timely filing to avoid denials.
  • In case, a submitted medical billing for workers compensation claims does not respond within 23 business days, we next approach to our collection process by calling the claims adjuster. We know, how all of our requests will be answered perfectly in a timely matter.
  • If you have any pending case lying around your office, let us know about it. Our dedicated team of qualified professionals is specialized in getting compensation cases paid for old workers. We will put our best efforts to get them paid.
  • We do No-Fault Arbitration. So, we will also work on all pending no-Fault cases of less than seven years.

Our Specialized Workers Compensation Billing Services Includes:

  • We thoroughly review your patient intake procedures such as medical reporting, diagnostic, and workers compensation billing codes are properly coded and all reports are adequate to ensure maximum payment amount, without any denial or delays.
  • We present all needful medical reports along with your bills, dated Proofs of Service and also monitor all payments and denials for timeliness.
  • All U/R Authorizations are attached to your billing.
  • We offer you a wide array of statistical reports, case status, Aging, and Practice Management Reports.
  • 24x7x365 remote access to patient and financial data
  • Entirely compliant with the current HIPAA guidelines and standards.

How we Manage Claim denials of Workers Compensation Healthcare Delivery Billing?

  • During any claim denials and objections with demands for full payment reimbursement, our collections team responds aggressively to investigate U/R denials, reductions per OMFS, and MPN issues are addressed with defenses from case law or the Labor Code.
  • We file and serve appropriate bills, reports, and perfected liens on all claims of Workers Compensation Healthcare Delivery where proper payment is not timely received.
  • We aggressively negotiate maximum reimbursement for your liens. Professional WCAB litigation and Appeals.

How We Benefit for Workers Compensation Healthcare Delivery Service?

  • All billing and collection services are provided under one roof to make sure total peace of mind and comfort for you.
  • We offer complete account receivables and revenue management
  • We assist you to further streamline your business processes and achieve your long-term business goals.
  • Our expertise and experience provide tangible results that allow you focus on the core aspects of your business.
  • We ensure that your payment gets paid easily and quickly. We always look out for the better ways to enhance your reimbursement along with improved cash flow to give you total peace of mind.

If you really want to see your business with improved cash flow and lower expenses then look no further and just hand over your Workers Compensation Healthcare Delivery billing needs in professional hands of Bikham.

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