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For over 13 years Bikham has comprehensively assisted a multitude of medical practitioners. Be it Hospitals or private individual healthcare providers, we have systematically reduced the number of denials and maximized the revenue stream with strategic revenue cycle management. Radiology medical billing service are one of the areas where Bikahm Healthcare excels.

Special attention is paid to the coding process as a little error in the code can result in claim denial or rejection. Coding and claim filing are subsets of the medical billing insurance claim process. After assigning the error-free codes and counter-checking them, the claim is submitted to the insurance agency for the further processing.

Radiology medical billing service

Radiology medical billing service commences with the most crucial of steps, insurance verification. Some of the practices overlook the verification eligibility process or feed inaccurate data. But a competent outsourced radiology billing operation avails you to enjoy the benefits that come with accurate data entry and other services rendered.

Even though professionals ensure that the claim is accredited, but in case the claim is denied, they travel the extra mile to make sure you’re reimbursed. Account receivables are continually supervised and regular follow-ups make certain that AR days are low and the revenue stream is smooth and consistent.

Once the claim is processed successfully, the radiologists are reimbursed for their services which eventually amplifies their bottom line. Radiology cuts through the borders of the medicine. Its application is versatile and as a result, used in multiple regions, be it OBGYN, Oncology or General Medicine.

Bikham Healthcare has partnered with various Radiology labs offering radiology billing solutions. Our clients have witnessed growth on an unprecedented scale. We allow medical practitioners to focus on what they do best. Provide top-notch healthcare services while our team of experts handles the billing and administrative work. We are HIPPA compliant and the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification further solidifies our characteristics as the industry best.

Bikham Healthcare will play point and employ strategically devised billing solutions to enhance your revenue growth, exponentially reduce your administrative duties while being completely cost-effective helping you meet all your financial objectives in the set time frame.

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