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An efficient orthopedic billing and coding process is vital for the practice to reduce the operational cost and boost the revenue simultaneously. It wouldn’t be farfetched to say it’s the financial backbone of the practice. Physicians all across the nation choose to outsource their billing process to an efficient orthopedic billing service provider to minimize their delays and denials and maximize their claim compensations.

Outsourcing orthopedic billing service to specialists who are well-versed in processing claims with assigning accurate codes and modifiers is the optimal way to obtain high revenue and streamline the financial process.

orthopedic billing service

How does outsourced billing work?

orthopedic billing service commences with the most crucial of steps, insurance verification. Some practices overlook the verification eligibility process or feed inaccurate data. But a competent outsourced orthopedic billing operation avails you to enjoy the benefits that come with accurate data entry and other services rendered.

Special attention is paid to the coding process as a little error in the code can result in claim denial or rejection. Coding and claim filing are subsets of the medical billing insurance claim process. After assigning the error-free codes and counter-checking them, the claim is submitted to the insurance agency for the further processing.

Even though professionals ensure that the claim is accredited, but in case the claim is denied, they travel the extra mile to make sure you’re reimbursed. Account receivables are continually supervised and regular follow-ups make certain that AR days are low and the revenue stream is smooth and consistent.

Once the claim is processed successfully, the orthopedics are reimbursed for their services which eventually amplifies their bottom line.

Orthopedic billing software:

There is multiple billing software available in the market to manage basic processes as well as the most complicated processes of orthopedic medical billing. However, any software requires rigorous training to handle and operate, as any software can be compromised or be subject to various other errors.

Most medical billing companies find that it benefits them a great deal to partner with billing software brands as per their requirements. But for your knowledge, we would like to tell you that the software brand one opts should be secure and user-friendly. Moreover, it should offer 24/7 access so that the patient’s information can be submitted conveniently at the practitioners’ convenience.

orthopedic billing service

As stated above, the benefits of an outsourced orthopedic billing process are numerous. The choice of organization you partner with comes into play and with over 13 years of on-hands industry experience Bikham Healthcare will take the point and employ strategically devised billing solutions to enhance your revenue growth and exponentially reduce your administrative duties while being completely cost-effective helping you meet all your financial objectives in the set time frame. With no compromises on quality, you can enjoy the ton of benefits that shall come your way once you partner with Bikham Healthcare.

We’re completely HIPPA compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certifications. Further ensuring that we’re a team of professionals driven by ethics and excellence. Our 13 years of experience coupled with our expertise is a definite guarantee that avails you a whole set of benefits helping you achieves your financial goals and more.

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