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Many organizations and businesses struggle to execute a well-planned financial strategy, increased productivity demands efficiency. Not having the right strategy also affects future growth. Business owners are always looking for methods to reduce cost, increase profitability and increase the bottom-line. We made Outsourced Accounting for CPAs very easy and profitable.

Can outsourcing accounting to another company help you achieve all of those goals?

Accounting Firms have the skills and expertise to provide relevant and reliable financial information on time. Information like financial statements, balance sheets and financial analysis help the clients make better business decisions so that their business may prosper.

Outsourced Accounting for CPAs

Some of the services which can be outsourced are:

  • Monthly Bookkeeping service
  • Payroll Support
  • Accounts Payable
  • Invoice Preparation services
  • Accounts Receivable services
  • Payroll Tax Return preparation services
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Financial Reporting services
  • Forecasting and Budgeting services
  • Outsourced CFO
  • Accounting System Design and Set Up services
  • QuickBooks Pro Advisor Consultation

A quick insight to Outsourcing:

  • Outsourced Accounting for CPAs is a contract with a third party or some other company to perform the services. The outsourced services are typically provided by companies specializing in this field.
  • An example of a very common outsourcing arrangement is the payroll processing process. Today, many non-profit organizations are moving to outsource their accounting services. There are four basic primary reasons why non-profit organizations should consider outsourcing their finance and accounting functions:

  1. Eliminates cost of an in-house staff.
  2. Access to an advanced level of expertise
  3. Timely, accurate, and meaningful financial information
  4. Better control over the core business processes
  • Cost of outsourcing the processes
  • The cost of outsourcing varies with the amount and level of accounting services needed.
  • Many companies take advantage of outsourcing their accounting services as they have been both underutilizing and overpaying their in-house staff by having the Controller or CFO perform the basic accounting functions. More commonly, they have an in-house accounting clerk who performs the higher-level functions.
  • If an organization is partially or fully outsourcing their accounting services, Bikham Finance can meet their unique requirements.
  • We believe in providing services that are designed to ensure that our clients have the information they require to run a successful business.

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