Opt Orthopedic Billing Service Provider for Your Business Growth

Opt the Top-Notch Orthopedics Billing Service Provider for Your Business Growth

Orthopedics is the field of medicine concerned with the treatment of musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic billing service provider utilizes both surgical and non-surgical means for the treatment of ligaments, spine, joints, bones, muscles, tendons, and tumors.

It has been observed that around 35% of Orthopedics treatment claims are not processed accurately by insurance agencies. Moreover, over 25% of all medical insurance claims get declined along with 15% that undergo re-submission.

orthopedic billing service

Orthopedic billing service:

Orthopedic billing service covers a wide range of services and operations as compared to the most medical specializations. It comprises complex billing codes and specific rules and regulations that can leave the physicians unpaid or underpaid.

What Orthopedics medical service provider do?

The orthopedics billing service provider has in-depth knowledge of their specialization who can generally perform the following tasks:

  • Render both paper and electronic billing.
  • Examine accounts to increase the cash flow.
  • Provide daily, weekly, and monthly records.
  • Follow-up with payors to recover the due payments.
  • Allot error-free codes to various procedures.

A brief detail of CPT codes:

  • CPT A5500 (Shoe fitting and modification of diabetic) KX modifier is compulsory for reimbursement while billing in this code.
  • CPT L3030 (Foot, insert, removable, formed to patient foot) L3030LTKX is assigned to the left foot whereas L3030RTKX is assigned to the right foot to avoid confusion and denials from the insurance agency.
  • CPT 97597 (Removal of nonviable tissue)Neither LT nor RT modifiers are applicable for this CPT code.orthopedic billing service

Smooth-running Medical Billing Services:

An Orthopaedicsian has to perform various medical activities each day and Orthopedics coding these numerous activities need adept medical coders and billers for the accurate and effective billing process.

Orthopedics medical coding services must be familiar and up to the minute with the coding system. Perfect medical coding is essential because even a small change or error in the code can halt or delay the claim. Medical billing service provider should concentrate on elevating the doctor’s revenue, diminishing the denials and augment the cash flow.

Need for professional medical billing coders:

Orthopaedicsians can’t afford to leave even a single penny on the table. They always look for professional coders for comprehensive and accurate billing in order to get rid of denials. As Orthopedics coding is quite complicated, so choosing well-versed coders has become vital for the practices to handle the complexities.

Orthopedics billing coders must also be aware of the various procedures of the Orthopedics treatments and CPT code related to them. Lack of knowledge of CPT coders or their modifier can result in payment delayed or denials.

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