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Introduction to lab medical billing services

Lab Services is a field of applied sciences in which a patient with certain health condition is tested for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. Medical labs are different in size and complexity and offer a variety of testing services. There are several types of labs like-

  • Hematology Laboratory Billing
  • Microbiology Laboratory Billing
  • Immunology Laboratory Billing
  • Pathology Laboratory Billing
  • Cytology Laboratory Billing.

Lab Medical Billing Services

The success of a lab medical billing service depends upon accurate and timely billing and profitable claim reimbursements.

There are a variety of complex lab testing procedures. This means that billing for these complicated procedures is much different than other medical specialties. Complete knowledge of lab testing procedures is important to obtain full payments and avoid rejections and denials. Having a decent coding experience is also important. Understanding of general billing procedures alike modifier application for different kinds of lab tests is imperative.

Bikham Healthcare has years of proven expertise in offering profitable Lab medical billing services.

Providers of Lab Medical Billing Services       

Outsourcing lab medical billing services is an important decision that laboratory owners make. It is crucial that the outsourced Lab medical billing company has the expertise required to handle numerous complexities present in this specialty.

Adding to the complexities and challenges are the ever-changing billing and coding regulations that often lead to fee reductions and claim rejections.

It is important for Lab medical billing to be handled only by the experts. Bikham Healthcare offers error-free physical therapy billing services to avoid denials and improve claim reimbursements.

Outsource Lab Medical Billing Services

Offering comprehensive Lab medical billing and collections services for practices of all sizes, we offer an initial evaluation for your lab practice and make it easy to get started.

Our profitable range of services include:

  • Full account receivables management services
  • 12-hours claims Submission
  • Electronic eligibility verification
  • Quarterly coding updates
  • System-based claims scrubbing
  • Regular quality assurance checks
  • Regular reporting with progress reports

The team at Bikham Healthcare has 14+ years of experience working with medical lab owners and is equipped with the knowledge of different lab tests to ensure that you accurate claims are submitted every time and you receive reimbursements quickly.

Knowledge of the lab testing procedures allows our team to meet the ongoing demands of individual lab owners and groups. Our team works side by side with your lab to better identify the key areas of growth and establish the best lab medical billing procedures with 100% compliance to HIPAA.

Lab Medical Billing Solutions

Benefits of Outsourced Lab Medical Billing Solutions

Providers of outsourced lab medical billing services can offer you the following benefits:

  • Improved revenue collections
  • Quicker payments and reduced stress
  • 24*7 accessibility to the patient and financial data
  • Increased business performance and improved productivity
  • Full financial and practice reporting services

At Bikham Healthcare, we incorporate the latest billing technology like Medi-Soft, Practice Admin, Lytec, Eclipse, AdvantX, and Vericle to make sure that the sensitive health information is transferred via secure information transfer protocols to keep it confidential at all times

Our Area of Expertise

Our lab practice billers are experts and well versed with the payer requirements for lab billing. We ensure accurate and error-free claim submission to boost claim reimbursements. Our billers and coders are regularly chiseled on the soft skills side to train them with better communication skills during insurance calls. They possess a complete understanding of:

  • Complex lab medical billing codes 
  • Lab medical billing related terminology
  • Laboratory Testing Procedures
  • Coding system for lab medical billing
  • Code variations among different lab specialties

The Range of Services

  • Lab procedure coding and billing
  • Maintaining Payer-Patient relations
  • Efficient Collection Process
  • Client reporting
  • Fee for Service analysis
  • Managed-care contracts

Lab Expenses Reduced!

Cost plays a major part when we look to outsource our medical billing services to an offshore service partner. The best lab medical billing company should help reduce your lab expenses and that is what we exactly do.

Bikham helps you cut down on hiring, training costs and the hassles of setting up the required facilities for them like the payroll system and more. Providers of outsourced Lab medical billing services invest in the most advanced billing technology and infrastructure to streamline your lab practice operations. They have the best minds in the industry working together to help you grow your laboratory practice.

The Advanced Billing Technology

Bikham Healthcare incorporates the best Lab medical billing software to make claim submission, payment posting in medical billing and charges entry process seamless and hassle-free. Some of the medical billing software that we use are AdvancedMD, Kareo, WebPT, Brightree, Practice HER, and Vericle, etc.

Embrace Bikham Healthcare

Navigating through the constantly changing laboratory billing landscape requires a partner, an expert, and a leader in offering lab revenue cycle management solutions. Numerous economic and regulatory pressures can impact a lab’s performance, reimbursement and financial viability of its operations. With the ability to consistently monitor and evaluate key performance indicators, Bikham Healthcare can apply a strong strategy to effectively manage practice operations. Labs that leverage strong financial strategies, gain a competitive advantage in contract negotiations and make lab revenue cycle management, a profitable practice.

If you are interested to know more about our profitable lab medical billing services, please visit our website today.

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