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Oncology is a branch of medicine which deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer.

Treatment cycles prescribed by oncologists usually includes long complex procedures where the patient is subject to multiple tests and procedural visits. Patients require frequent authorizations and follow-ups with the designated oncologist.

The treatment is also accompanied by a lot of paperwork, diagnosis reports and unpaid bills pile up quickly and so do the administrative duties to be performed.

Since oncology medical billing can be a little difficult because of the terms and codes being used. It is simply not advisable for Oncologists to have untrained or inadequate tasks for billing related tasks. There are affordable billing services, however, which are available around the clock to help oncologists deal with the increasing workload.

oncology medical billing services

Why is Oncology medical billing different from other billing operations?

Physicians have to seek pre-authorizations beforehand and a continuous follow-up is essential which makes Oncology medical billing procedures complicated. Lack of time, resources or knowledge mean Physicians end up wasting time or losing money if a proper set up is not in place.

What is the need for an oncology medical billing service?

A professional oncology billing service will streamline filing processes to make sure that the patient’s billing gets executed properly and in a timely manner.

A skilled oncology medical billing team will allow providers to concentrate on their core role – patient care; while allowing physicians to take care of the business side of things.
A competent oncology medical billing service is focused on obtaining maximum uninterrupted reimbursements for its clients.

Hiring a skilled team for Oncology medical billing is essential for physicians to keep their practice profitable and integral in today’s competitive market.

oncology medical billing services

Our trained and highly experienced billing professionals understand the oncology business.

At Bikham, we offer comprehensive billing and coding services, collections, and practice management services to oncology health providers. We provide a thorough initial evaluation of services and accounts receivable. We have certified, and oncology-specific, medical coding experts on board. All the codes are closely audited by our code auditors to ensure compliance with the latest and ever-changing payer guidelines and requirements.

Our team identifies process gaps and areas for potential improvement. The constant analysis of reimbursement trends, enable us to develop a reimbursement model that is perfect for your Oncology practice.

With over 13 years of on-hand industry experience, we are definitely the perfect choice to outsource the oncology medical billing services. You can finally stop worrying about delayed insurance payments and have enough time for things that matter.

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