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Laboratories have seen a high influx of patients over the last few years. Toxicology and radiology laboratories particularly. With state of the art tools at hand providing accurate diagnosis you require someone equally adept to handle the various administrative duties and various back-end processes. For choosing to neglect those is choosing to incur revenue losses. Prioritizing Laboratory revenue cycle management is the call of the hour.

There are numerous options to choose from when looking for a laboratory billing service provider. But the trick is finding the one that suits your needs and fits the bill and handles your laboratory revenue cycle management in ways that ensure optimal end product. A customized solution should be the goal. Finding the right partner to manage your laboratory revenue cycle management is key. Let’s elaborate on a few points you need to keep an eye out for when looking for an adept laboratory billing service that ensures top revenue cycle management.

Your revenue cycle management team should possess the skills to streamline your documentation ensuring higher efficiency in your practice. Scheduling, billing, charting and lab incorporations are the key takeaway from a service provider also delivering round the clock assistance as delays hurt the practice’s revenue stream and Bikham Healthcare understands that.

Protect your coding and paperwork by maintaining perfect coding patterns ensuring your defense is ready against potential audits and any losses of returns that might be incurred. A revenue cycle management practice should work in a way making sure these tasks are carried out efficiently including providing assistance to help configure any and all systems/software required.


A top-quality laboratory revenue cycle management company offers a smoother cash flow where all the billing payments and collections from the services provided are processed in an efficient way. The billing processes should be scheduled as per the client’s expectations to build a long-term business relationship.

With the right partner for your Laboratory revenue cycle management, you avail yourself of the benefits of smoother cash flow where all the billing and payment schedules from different services rendered are processed efficiently. The billing processes should be scheduled as per the client’s expectations which always helps in building a long-term successful business relationship.

You can focus on your field of expertise, I.e providing medical care to the subject/patient. With Bikham healthcare alongside you, your entire laboratory’s revenue cycle management is handled with supreme efficiency with a team of certified technicians and experts at hand, handling any and all problems while keeping the entire operation streamlined. More time simply means more money

Last but never the least, providing top notch customer support service whenever you require assistance. Ensuring all your queries and problems are answered in no time and correctly. Bikham Healthcare has 13 years of experience in offering top-quality revenue cycle management for laboratories across the nation, ensuring our status as a trusted brand name that consistently partners with industry moguls.


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