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If you are planning to file online Secondary Claim Submission, make sure that the patient’s secondary insurance is on file before submitting your primary claim electronically. In case, it is not recorded when the primary claim is filed, you won’t allowed filing the secondary claim online. In simple terms, you can create Secondary Claim Submission only after the creation of the primary insurance claim.

So, first, you need to create the primary insurance claim.

Now, get ready to create a Secondary Claim Submission with following steps:

1) Always make sure that secondary insurance information of your client is recorded on the file. Don’t forget to enter the primary insurance payment before creating the secondary claim. If you need any help while entering an insurance payment, contact our experts at Bikham information technology.

2) Now go through the primary CMS claim form that holds the sessions you need to submit for the reimbursement of secondary insurance. You can locate the primary claim form either by going to Billing > Insurance > Claims or directly from the client’s billing details page.

3) Then tap the button, “Create Secondary Claim.” This button will appear only if you have already downloaded the claim or the submitted claim electronically in the accepted state.

To make the Secondary Claim button appear, refresh the page just after downloading the claim.

4) In this way, a new secondary claim form will be generated carrying the secondary insurance information of the client.

5) Carefully review all of the pre-populated information on the secondary claim form including the session details and do any needful corrections if required. Make sure that box 29 reflects the amount paid according to the primary insurance EOB.

6) Once you’ve finished the editing, Save the claim form. Or if you are enabled with online claim filing, you can directly submit this claim form electronically to the secondary insurance payer.

7) Finally, download the claim form for offline filing. Or return back to the claim form to make edits. You can also access all these secondary claims directly from the client’s Billing Details page or by visiting My Account > Insurance > Claims.

Conclusively, if your business organization is not yet submitting insurance claims electronically, it is certainly a service you should look in to. There may be chances in the future that all claims will be filed electronically. Meanwhile, this can provide a major convenience and financial savings to providers and organizations.

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