Helping You In Achieve Goals With Cardiology Medical Billing Provider

Helping You Achieve Business Goals with our Efficient Cardiology Medical Billing Provider

The financial strength of a cardiology medical practice depends upon timely billing and guaranteed claim reimbursements. Bikham Healthcare has years of proven expertise in offering efficient cardiology medical billing services.

Cardiology Medical procedures are intricate and complex. This makes cardiology billing services much more challenging than other specialties. The medical billing staff used for cardiology medical billing services should have knowledge of cardiology procedures like cardiovascular terminology, services, and other procedures. Besides having a decent coding experience, they should also have the understanding of general billing procedures alike modifier application, coding and more.

How to Choose Best Cardiology Billing Company

Choosing to outsource cardiology medical billing is the most important decision you’ll ever make. There are lots of Cardiology Billing companies in USA. It becomes crucial that the cardiology billing company you select has the experience required to handle the numerous complexities in cardiology billing. Bikham Healthcare gives you the peace of mind that you deserve.

The ever-changing cardiology billing and coding regulations have led to fee reductions for cardiologists in recent years. Medicare fee for cardiologists decreased by 2%, where the same saw an increase of 1.1% for other specialties.

It becomes important for cardiology billing to be done by only the experts. At Bikham Healthcare, we are one of the best cardiology medical billing Provider to avoid denials and increase the flow of claim reimbursements.

Outsource cardiology medical billing services

At Bikham Healthcare, we offer comprehensive cardiology Medical billing and collections services for cardiology service providers. We offer an initial evaluation of your practice and make it easy to get started.

Our range of services include:

•             Full account receivables management

•             12-hours claims processing

•             Electronic eligibility verification

•             Quarterly coding updates

•             System-based claims scrubbing

•             Handling billing calls

•             Regular quality assurance checks

•             Regular reporting with progress reports

Outsource Cardiology Medical Billing

Our certified Cardiology Medical Billing Provider team has years of experience working with cardiologists and is equipped with the necessary knowledge of the vast cardiology procedures to ensure that you receive reimbursements quickly and completely. Our expert team has worked with various cardiology specialties like:

•             General clinical cardiology

•             Echo-cardiology

•             Interventional Cardiology

•             Nuclear cardiology

•             Surgical cardiology

•             Transplant Cardiology

Extensive knowledge of the above sub-specialty procedures allows us to meet the ongoing demands of cardiologists, clinics, hospitals, and healthcare groups. Our team works side by side with you to better identify the key problem areas and establish the best medical billing procedures present while being in 100% compliance with HIPAA.

Benefits associated with outsourced cardiology billing solutions

Providers of outsourced cardiology medical billing services can help you enjoy the following benefits:

•             Improved revenue collections

•             Quicker payments and reduced stress

•             24*7 accessibility to the patient and financial data

•             Increased business performance and improved productivity

•             Full financial and practice reporting

At Bikham Healthcare, we utilize the latest software technology like Medi-Soft, Practice Admin, Lytec, Eclipse, AdvantX to ensure that the sensitive health information stays confidential and you have access to it at any time of the day via secure information transfer protocols.

We are sure you would love to reduce the AR percentage to a negligible level. Why wait? Take advantage of our efficient yet the most affordable cardiology medical billing services and witness practice growth. Visit to know more about our services.

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