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Medical billing for small practices isn’t just an option anymore. Given the number of practices being set-up every day, getting reimbursed for services rendered is a priority to survive.

Being a new practice owner, would you want to spend your time brainstorming on Medical Billing?

Or would you rather give 100% to your practice and negate the payment hassles at the same time.

Latter sounds like a dream for most physicians who fail to get paid on time.

Medical billing for small practices

Big health insurance corporations such as WellPoint, Kaiser, UnitedHealth have strict policies for granting a claim and even a small error in medical code causes cancelation of payment. Statistics suggest that as much as 25% of all medical claims are rejected because of the aforementioned reason.

Medical billing for small practices

Overloading your small-scale practice with the burden of medical billing could have catastrophic consequences for your business. There are several risks involved while doing in-house medical billing.

Doctors are trained to provide patient care.

Neither financial management or coding procedures is their forte.

While it may work as a short-term strategy, physicians simply don’t find the time for billing once the patient base increases.

Besides, setting up an in-house billing department comes with costs that most small practices simply cannot afford. For a new practice owner, the focus is on getting a consistent patient flow, having the right infrastructure and making sure patients get the best possible care.

Partnering with a 3rd party billing partner can help provide physicians the much needed time.

Not only they can focus more on their practice, but they can also save a lot on overheads as compared to an in-house setup.

Physicians also get access to skilled expertise thus minimizing human error and increasing the chance of timely reimbursements.

Medical billing for small practices

Do you wish to gamble or play it safe?

Playing it safe strategy calls for Bikham Healthcare being responsible for the Medical billing for small practices while you can focus better to provide quality care to your patients. It would increase the time you can spend with your patients by reducing time spent on administrative tasks.

As a doctor, each minute of your time matters, do you really want to waste it filling codes?

By outsourcing your billing, you would make sure that you are paid in full for your services because there would be no payment denials and no billing mistakes. A lot of stress which is uncalled for would be lifted from your shoulders by letting the experts do the job for you.

Bikham Healthcare boasts of 13 years of hands-on Industry experience, 100% HIPPA compliance and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 accreditation.

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