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Durable medical equipment billing is often referred to as Home Medical Equipment billing. Healthcare expertise is not always transferred to the back-end of your operation. Management of such back-end operations requires a different skill-set. Which is why employing an expert billing provider is a great choice. DME medical billing services are required to possess strict proficiency since it’s always under the scrutiny of the ever-changing payor policies. The nature of the whole operation demands you have a partner that can navigate through the intricacies of the billing process and numerous regulations.

Bikham healthcare has a team of dedicated experts who work tirelessly to ensure that strict accuracy and compliance is maintained in the DME Medical Billing provider paperwork. Each claim is reviewed for any errors and all issues promptly dealt with ensuring your practice doesn’t suffer at the hands of inaccurate billing. We ensure you suffer minimal denials. Our proficiency in billing DME claims is unparalleled. The collections department is consistently working, tackling AR issues that may arise while staying ahead of any changes in payor policies ensuring cash flow does not suffer. Throughout the entire process, you’re availed 24*7 transparency and our staff is at the ready to answer any of your queries.

DME Medical Billing Services

Our Services include:

Eligibility / Insurance Verification

Follow-up on medical documentation

Obtaining authorization

Creation of service estimate (patient financial responsibility)

Printing/intimation of ready for delivery tickets

Confirmation (audit) of order on receipt of proof of delivery

Submission of claims (EDI / Paper)

Denial management

Payment posting

DME Revenue cycle management

AR follow-up

Bikham Healthcare has over 13 years of on-hands industry experience which has enabled us to successfully establish ourselves as a top-notch durable medical equipment billing provider. We help medical practitioners improve their bottom line and subsequently increase the efficiency of their whole operation. We’re driven by the simple goal of aiding our partners to consistently reach new milestones and increase the revenue of their healthcare facility. While being HIPPA compliant, we’re also ISO:27001:2013 certified.

DME Medical Billing Services

Call us up and learn how we can provide a customized suite of services that perfectly fit the bill. The nature of our excellent yet cost-effective services is such that you’ll only experience happy days once you partner with Bikham healthcare.

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