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Physical Therapy Medical Billing and collection process is a lucrative and sound business in itself. It can be time-consuming and tricky at times. Even when a therapist has the best of intentions, common billing mistakes may happen, no matter the size of the business.

Here’s a review of the most common billing pitfalls in the Physical Therapy Medical Billing business:

Physical Therapy Medical Billing

Overbilling in Physical Therapy Billing

There can be many ways billing mistakes can happen, and overbilling is one of them. More often intentional than not, overbilling can be a result of several scenarios:

  • Coding for services never provided
  • Overcharging

Over billing happens when additional and unnecessary billing codes for treatment are piled up that were never performed. An effective system of checks and balances must be in place to ensure integrity and accuracy of billing statements.

When reviewing the due medical bills, it becomes important to take note of the compensable injuries. As a therapist, correct diagnosis codes for the corresponding treatment provided need to be ensured. Many of the unnecessary charges are of services that are totally unrelated to the condition being treated. There could also be services a doctor does not perform yet bills for them. These could be a battery of tests or series of surgeries which were never administered but were still billed.

Incorrect billing in Physical Therapy Billing

Another common mistake, from manual errors, timing issues, to input oversights. It occurs when a practice fails to create a clean claim and identify correct billable codes. If the billing staff fails to identify the correct billing codes, then the clients are more likely to shortchange you.

Some important factors need to be considered in order to create a clean claim.

  • Mentioning the correct place of
  • service
  • Obtaining prior authorization
  • Correct charges
  • Avoiding typographical errors out
  • of the data entry process
  • Using the latest codes

Minor errors in Physical Therapy Billing

Other physical therapy medical billing service mistakes consist of things which you may not even consider but can have a huge impact on the billing and collection process. Some of them include:

  • Wrong gender documentation– where a female patient is mistakenly identified as male (and vice-versa)
  • Mismatched dates
  • Use of outdated codes
  • Missing coding for multiple diagnoses
Physical Therapy Medical Billing Service

Little as they may, all of them result in billing difficulties in future. These kinds of mistakes all point to neglect for routine.

Billers and coders rely on physical therapists for information to code claims accurately. In Physical Therapy Billing, the terms and definitions taught in school may not be applicable. Therefore, it is important to include medical notes so that coders get enough information to bill at the highest acceptable level.

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