Outsource Your Accounts Receivable Follow Up Process to Generate Maximum Revenue!

To avoid significant loss of revenue, a healthcare organization or a medical billing company should take care of one of their most important tasks known as AR follow up . Many face a lot of challenges while dealing with their AR follow up in Medical billing. Therefore, to avoid undue worries and a significant loss in ROI, it is essential for them to work on a structured and streamlined process.

So, it would be of great help for health businesses by outsourcing their accounts receivable follow up work to a professionally experienced and renowned medical billing service provider who can help them to save on manpower and reduce costs.

At Bikham, our primary aim resides in reducing the time of AR follow up in healthcare with regular follow-up of pending claims. Our highly-trained accounts receivable follow up team strategizes the right approach by conducting an extensive analysis of pending accounts receivables with regular follow up of insurance providers and patients. Our team proactively follows up with insurance companies on all those claims that are pending for more than 30 days to settle payment and improve cash flow. Therefore, this will result in more open claims and all denials are settled in a timely manner.

Outsource Your Accounts Receivable Follow Up Process to Generate Maximum Revenue! The key reasons for the claims denial are;

  • Wrong or Missed ICD-10 diagnoses
  • Wrong or Missed CPT-4 modifiers
  • Duplicate claim process
  • More information needed for claim process
  • Incorrect billed amount for Claim
  • Wrong or missed code of CPT procedure
  • Wrong or incorrect name and/or UPIN of Physician
  • Wrong or missed service code
  • Wrong or missed quantity in billed claim
  • Inappropriate bundled services

So, we can see above reasons that the key causes of claims denials are due to wrong/missed data entry and incorrect medical coding. Moreover, following reasons further added administrative strain on a hospital or physician’s practice:

  • Continuous piling-up of outstanding claims and delayed collections
  • Most often, insurance companies deny or refuse to pay claim
  • Current Federal regulations in the USA have increasingly become more stringent as they have reduced the time to file an appeal against a claim denial.

All above facts confirm that a healthcare company may lose a lot of money without a streamlined accounts receivable follow up and structured processes. At Bikham, we can well understand all above facts and we focus to reduce the overall AR follow up services process time by regularly following up the pending claims.

Our highly experienced and skilled team of financial experts and medical coders’ work together help healthcare organizations with expert AR follow up Services.

We help physician’s office to avoid payment delays by utilizing following steps:

  • We deeply review all claims before submission to significantly cut down on the error rate.
  • Rather than spending a long time to deal with each denial, we spend enough time on reviews at the front end.
  • We also maintain a medical billing and coding claims review log.
  • We thoroughly evaluate and monitor recent trends to locate various suitable ways of fixing the key problems causing the denials and rejections at your practice.
  • Our dedicated team of experts is involved in various accounts receivable follow up processes including tasks of data entry, billing, and payment posting, coding and documentation, analyzing denials and down coding get together.

Our reliable and efficient Services of Accounts receivable follow up Process Includes:

  • Identify and selection of accounts that require follow-up with insurance providers.
  • Our experts deeply research the claims denials by the carriers, rejections from the clearinghouse, and low payments received by the carriers.
  • The Accounts receivable follow up team regularly follows-up with the insurance company to know the claim status.
  • As per the inputs received from the follow-up team, the AR analysts perform an analysis and compile all claim information to initiate a corrective action for non-payments.
  • Finally, a needful action is planned and executed to receive the pending AR payment.

If you are also looking further to ensure your unsettled claim paid promptly and in full for each healthcare claim then avail healthcare AR follow up Services at Bikham, and actually see how your revenue increase beyond your expectations.