Anesthesiology Medical Billing Services

Our outstanding features of Anesthesiology Medical Billing Services

Anesthesiology Medical Billing Services

Anesthesiology Medical Billing Services include cumbersome administrative tasks and complex coding procedures to get maximum reimbursements that require the medical billing specialists who understand the specific billing and coding state standards and guidelines such as time calculations, Pre-anesthesia assessments, CPT Codes, and other bills permissible units. With Bikham’s advanced professionals, you get paid faster, take control of your practice i.e. focus on what you do best and stay updated with insurance regulations.

  • Increased reimbursements
  • Less stress/hassle on your practice
  • Improved cash flow
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Physician credentialing & Re Credentialing
  • Effective denial management

Bikham’s team of Anesthesiology Medical Billing Services understands your practice’ standards and state regulations or guidelines better than anyone in the industry and protects your claims from unwanted fees or penalties. Our billers and coders implement error-free and immaculate codes via flexible and robust software’s. The expert knowledge of ICD-9 & ICD-10 Codes or other CPT Codes and continuously evolving medical billing reforms or technologies, ensure our client’s satisfaction with maximum claims reimbursements & minimum denials. Our top-rated Anesthesiology Medical Billing Services, improve your cash flow and help your practice to stay on the top of your competitors.

Our Anesthesiology Medical Billing Services include

  • Electronic and paper methods for billing procedures
  • Regular code analysis and auditing
  • Expertise on every code and its implementation to multiple procedures
  • Regular financial reporting and updating
  • Accounts analysis to prevent cash flow interruptions
  • Timely check-ups for pending claims or payments

Introduction to Modifiers

  • AA – Personally performed services by provider
  • AD – Physician’s medical supervision on more than four simultaneous units of administration
  • G8 & QS – Administration records
  • QK – Two, three or four simultaneous procedures’ medical direction involving experts
  • QX & QY – CRNA service with medical direction
  • QZ – CRNA service without medical direction

How does Anesthesiology Medical Billing Services work?

Our vision is to improve your revenue cycle management with our experienced coding and billing efficiency and HIPAA compliant strategies. We reduce your billing costs and increase your margins with expertise, streamlining operations and providing error-free code implementations.

Our dedicated medical billing team handles all complex administrative processes, comprehensive revenue cycles, error-free coding procedures, new payment models and much more. We offer different levels of support and services according to your practice requirements whether you’re an individual veteran or a group of healthcare professionals. Our help desk is available 24/7 i.e. ongoing, periodic or one-time, according to your schedules.

Billing Software’s Handled

Our user-friendly billing and coding software with robust features and additional risk management strategies handle all your procedures from simple billing reminders to complex administrative operations. Our suite of embedded encrypted tools regulates your payments and claims effectively and securely.

Our team’s expertise in every medical and billing software like Medic, Medisoft, NextGen, Lytec, etc. and EncoderPro, Flashcode, CodeLink, etc. respectively, keep your medical billing easy and profitable.

Why Bikham for Anesthesiology Medical Billing Services?

We’re ready to offer you maximum claims reimbursements with minimum denials via lowering your costs and improving your cash flow. Our experienced billers and coders continually implement best revenue based strategies to maximize your clinical efficiency, ensuring 100% client satisfaction!


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