About Us Medical Tourism

With an extensive experience of 12+ years in the Healthcare domain, Bikham Healthcare pioneers in the ever-growing industry of Medical Tourism. Due to the evolution of healthcare services and overwhelming demands of patients, Medical Tourism is the latest trend to get effective and affordable treatment for patients outside their home countries. Every patient prefers a better treatment from expert professionals and if it is not available in their country or continent, they choose medical tourism. Healthcare industry broadens its boundaries and helps the patients to get required treatment with full facilities at affordable costs.

Bikham Medical Tourism takes care of its patients, right from the basic registration steps to all Physician follow-ups right until the patients return trip Home after a successful treatment. We are here to simplify the complications a patient faces at the time of treatment in a foreign country. Our experienced professionals handle their bookings, accommodation, travel, treatment, Pre Op and Post Op Consultations and much more. We know how fragile a time it is, when someone travels abroad for medical treatment. We ensure that our clients are pampered Bikham Healthcare MT team works in a dedicated way to deliver 100% satisfaction to our clients.

We can manage everything in an easy and effective way i.e. from patient registration to treatment, hotel bookings to travel vacations and much more.

Why Choose Us?

  • Network of the best healthcare providers around the globe
  • Internationally accredited hospitals with board-certified surgeons
  • Handpicked destinations and hospitals
  • Procedures across multiple specialties’
  • Assured Savings on Procedure Costs (rate of savings subject to hospital and procedure opted)
  • Visitor friendly destinations at best prices
  • Complete management of Medical Travel, Accommodation & Logistics
  • Free Secure Online Patient Portal to request quote, research, manage documents & other records and more….

Our Process

  • Follow-up on incomplete prescription with physician’s office
  • Get a Quote or Login/Register
  • Login to Research procedures and providers
  • Complete agreement and upload medical records
  • Treatment schedule/Quote
  • Payment Schedule
  • Travel for Treatment/Procedure
  • Treatment
  • Post Treatment Review
  • Customized Tour As Per Request
  • Return to home country
  • Follow up with your doctor